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Accomplishing your goals is so often not about the big things but the little things. At White Raven Financial we see life as a journey, with the money we have as just a help along the way. The List of 10 you create here will be your guide for a year. It will help you envision where to spend your time, energy and future money by providing you with a map for this leg of your journey.

This activity will work whether you are single, in a relationship, or part of a dynamic family group. If your future is intrinsically tied to the future of another, encourage that person (or persons) to participate. And while their contribution is highly valuable, this will still work if they choose not to take part.

Your map drawing begins:

  1. Get yourself something to write on – virtual or good old pen and paper.
    (If you are doing this activity with someone else, hide your paper or screen at this point.)
  2. Write down ten things you would like to accomplish within a year or to start within a year. Do not write more than ten things but less than ten will work. Why, you ask? Well, we feel that most of our brains are unable to wrap around more than ten things at once.
    (Okay – got that done? No sharing your list yet.)
  3. Next, prioritize those ten (or less) ideas. Sometimes the tenth thing we’ve written down is actually our number one priority.
    (Done that?)
  4. If you are doing this activity with another person (or people), now you can swap papers and your share thoughts.
  5. This completed list is your map for the year. Figure out how you will accomplish your number 1 priority, then your second, and then your third. If you are doing this with someone else, take turns with your priorities (i.e. first 1a then 1b, next 2b then 2a).

If you accomplish three of your priorities in a year, you are a winner. Done four? – You are amazing!

After a year has gone by, start anew. Don’t look at last year’s! You are starting from a new place – you need a new map!!