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Meet Tu



My name is Clovelly Mon Petit Garson Tu de Glory. I am a pure breed English Springer Spaniel with a very long French name. One of my owners spent time in France when he was in the Air Force, hence the French name. Everyone calls me Tu for short. That is the familiar “you” in Latin, French, and Spanish. I am multilingual.

I am the primary “Greeter” for White Raven Financial and the Stump Farm. The Stump Farm is my place of residence. I live there with my two owners, Mike and Diane. Nice people. My other duty, self-imposed, is “chief tire marker”. Besides the initial friendly round of barking and running around your car… this marks you as one of my true friends.

I am into sustainable gardening, which Mike and Diane enjoy. I love to constantly be in the way as they are pulling weeds or to lay in the freshly turned soil when Mike is digging potatoes. Oh, the joy of sustainability!

I graduated with “honors” from the Country Classic Kennels Dog Training Facility. I have won four blue ribbons at different shows in the Seattle area. Diane is too busy with work to enter me into any upcoming shows. The judges also say my coat is too curly. I, along with most other people, would disagree and say it is beautiful. There is no accounting for taste for some people.