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Are you wondering: Do I have enough saved to retire? / When can I retire?

The path to retirement is one of life’s biggest transitions. White Raven Financial will work with you to smooth the path by answering your questions and concerns. What are your goals? Would you like to downsize or upsize your home? Do you wish to visit faraway places, travel the country or pursue a new hobby? Or maybe you have a different dream.

A Retirement Plan to get you where you want to go. At White Raven Financial we listen to you, learn your goals and understand your priorities. Then we’ll develop a retirement plan to show the possible projections for cash-flow, distributions and specific monetary events. For our retirement plans, we provide Monte Carlo simulation (a repeated random sampling) on your retirement funds to help determine if your funds have the ability to last your lifetime. We are stewards and fiduciaries to help you on your journey along life’s retirement path. Our service for this is on a project basis.

Our office is located in an environment surrounded by nature. Take a walk around the grounds and visualize your future. In addition to standard business hours, we offer flexible appointments during evenings, and via Skype.

What makes us unique: Our personal approach to Financial / Retirement Plans

As part of any financial plan, we will analyze and assess your current situation. This might include analyzing your assets, liabilities, cash flow, current insurance coverage, investments, or tax strategies. When appropriate, we partner with insurance agencies, estate planning attorneys, CPAs and mortgage lenders to provide solutions for our clients.

The financial plan process, as described by the Certified Financial Planning Board, consists of 6 steps that allow you to articulate where you are now and what you wish for or may need in the future and what you will need to do to reach these goals. Visit the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc for more details.