Socially Responsible Investing at White Raven Financial

Socially Responsible Investing

White Raven Financial specializes in SRI – sustainable, responsible, impact investing and financial planning.  Within SRI, we incorporate ESG – Environmental, social and governance investing which adds the criteria of corporate governance to social and sustainable investing issues.

We walk the talk; take a visit around the Stump Farm to see our worm bin, our pesticide free vegetable garden and the trees that have been planted for future generations.

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Education Planning at White Raven Financial

Education Planning

With the cost of higher education ballooning and student loan debt now exceeding $1 trillion*, earning a degree can leave you and/or your family struggling financially to get ahead.

Here at White Raven Financial, we have strategies that will help you plan AND prepare for the cost of education.

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Wealth Management at White Raven Financial

Wealth Management

Are you looking for an advisor that be a good coordinator? White Raven Financial incorporates financial planning, investment portfolio management and coordinates the estate planning, legal resources, tax professionals and insurance agents that you need. At White Raven Financial, we are fiduciaries; we think, work and act in your best interests. We develop a relationship to understand your personal and financial life and your life goals. This allows us to give you options to choose from and promote financial solutions.

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Investment Management at White Raven Financial

Investment Management

Are you looking for an advisor that believes in asset allocation with diversification* as the main defense for asset protection? We fundamentally believe in an efficient market and strive for a long-term perspective.

We offer personalized service, excellence, and dedication. Our compensation is fee-only therefore you can be assured of unbiased advice. As an Investment Advisor Representative and Certified Financial Planner, Diane operates as a fiduciary, striving to always act in your best interests.

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Financial Planning at White Raven Financial

Financial Planning

Your life’s journey is the most important aspect of a relationship with White Raven Financial. What are your dreams? When would you like to retire? Who and what are important to you? What are your questions and concerns?

Good planning to get you where you want to go. At White Raven Financial we listen to you, learn your objectives and understand your priorities.

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Retirement Planning at White Raven Financial

Retirement Planning

Are you wondering: Do I have enough saved to retire? / When can I retire?

The path to retirement is one of life’s biggest transitions. White Raven Financial will work with you to smooth the path by answering your questions and concerns. What are your goals? Would you like to downsize or upsize your home? Do you wish to visit faraway places, travel the country side or pursue a new hobby? Or maybe you have a different dream that is different than others.

A Retirement Plan to get you where you want to go.

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