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Hard Day, Huh?

They were tired and they were hungry, but they took the time to shower and change into clean clothes prior to visiting the restaurant. The couple were a bit older but cutting, splitting, then hauling and stacking the wood was still a job they could accomplish to get a job site ready. They must have …

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Affirmation of Who We Are

“We would love if you would stay here and work in our community, but we realize that many of you have been called to a different path. Please remember us and tell others who we are.” The preceding sentences are my memory of a portion of a speech that we attended for a graduation ceremony. …

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How Socially Responsible Investing Works

how does socially responsible investing work

What does Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) mean in the year 2022? Socially responsible investing has been a term used for investment portfolios that exclude organizations or companies based on particular exclusion criteria. Socially responsible investing might involve ethical issues, moral issues, religious beliefs, and the concept of environmental sustainability. In 2022, socially responsible investing means avoiding …

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Sustainable Responsible Investing: Definition & Examples

What You Need To Know About Sustainable and Responsible Investments

Are you thinking about investing your money into something worthwhile? Do you want to make wise investments and, at the same time, make the world a better place? Why not invest your time and money in socially responsible investments? This will allow you to place your wealth in an organization that aligns with your beliefs …

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Sticky Business

The text received on the 20th of March said, “Lit the match first day of cooking”. In short code, one of my northern Wisconsin brothers is notifying us (his siblings), that his annual hobby1 of making syrup has started for another year. It is not an easy pastime to gather sap as the season is …

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The Power Of Tenacity

Every once in a while, a story inspires us. My recent journey of inspiration was an article that I initially read in the Wall Street Journal1 about a young, tattooed mother, Cibele Florêncio, who lived with her five-year-old son in her parent’s home. She earned a living by being a maid in a wealthy gated community. …

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Who Said Legos Was a Guy Thing?

During my last trip to New Zealand to visit my daughter and her family, the first thing my young granddaughter asked: “Can you play Legos with me?”. There were no rules. We just had fun, admired each other’s creations, and told stories about what we were doing. It was a great day – being together, …

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Little Random Moments Shaping Our Lives

It all started with maple syrup and an angel ornament made from a gourd. But first, one needs a bit of background: [A brother in Wisconsin has a maple syrup hobby – he sends it to Washington State – White Raven Financial1 gives the syrup as an annual client gift – grandkids sell excess syrup …

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What is Your Superpower?

It is late in the evening and my phone chimes to notify me that a text has arrived from a close friend. It is unusual for my friend to text late in the evening so I figured it must be important. Picking up the phone, I see: “What is your superpower? Everyone has one! Mine …

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The Ups & The Downs

I pick up the phone and as I am starting my usual “Hello, this is” -. My greeting is interrupted; the person on the other end of the phone has started to speak and they have a catch in their voice as they haltingly tell their story. I listen with my head and my heart. …

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