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“Are you a fiduciary?” is a frequent question that we are asked when a prospect is interviewing us…
Long before the word became synonymous with good financial and prudent advice, we had advertised on our web site that we were proud to consider ourselves fiduciaries. We hold ourselves to high standards and it is our philosophy for doing good business. We consider the ethical relationship of trust the highest compliment that we can receive.

For those of us qualified as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, we are required to take several continued education credits annually to keep our licenses. With so much to learn and continuous changes in our industry, we find that we are always over our required credits.
Providing financial advice isn’t just about knowing the laws, it’s also knowing the client; we try to walk in your shoes. We act in your best interest and place your interests before our own. Before we make a recommendation, we ask ourselves: “Would I do this if I were in their financial position or at a certain stage in their life?” or “Are there other extenuating circumstances that I haven’t thought of yet?”. If we feel we have a conflict of interest, we try to resolve it or recommend a trusted professional that could serve better. If we do not know the correct answer, we acknowledge that fact and ask for time to research the answer or to contact someone who might have more expertise in that subject.

Another way we hold ourselves accountable as a fiduciary is by being a fee-only firm. White Raven Financial only accepts fees as our only method of compensation. This is a significant difference to a fee-based firm which charges both fees and collects commissions. All of our fees are upfront and transparent. There are no hidden charges in the custodian accounts and we do not accept gifts from mutual fund companies or centers of influence. If we do refer someone to an insurance agent, mortgage representative, a lawyer or other professional and receive a gift as a thank you, the gift is passed on to the client that was referred.

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Brett Lathrup

Meet the Author:
Brett Lathrup

Brett Lathrup is a financial advisor at White Raven Financial. Prior to his transition to financial planning, Brett lived in Atlanta and worked with contractors and architects in the commercial building industry. Spending most of his days looking at building plans and sifting through construction documents taught him how to hyper focus on the details, no matter how small.