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I’ve always tried to be a staunch supporter to the recycling cause but never really paid a whole lot of attention to the nitty-gritty on what was considered recyclable versus garbage. There has been a popular phrase trending on social media that you might have come across…. “Mind. Blown”. Well that happened to me recently when I was talking to my colleague, Diane, here at White Raven Financial about recycling protocols. She told me that for the most part, most items are recyclable except for things such as Styrofoam, diapers, expanded polystyrene, etc. Even food scraps could be used as compost or thrown in the Yard Waste bin. This was one of those, well, “Mind. Blown” moments.

I then asked, “What about dog food bags?” She was stumped. A quick google search turned up that most pet food bags are not recyclable (as they are multi-layered). Good to know!

Here at White Raven Financial, located on the Stump Farm, we take sustainability serious. After all, one of our core investment philosophies is to support companies who make a conscious effort to build a better world. When you visit our office, especially during the spring & summer months, you will notice that our external office setting is different than most financial firms. Here, you will come across a sprawling landscape containing a variety of trees, plants, flowers, veggies, and fruits. Our resident gardener (Mike) maintains the property and takes special care to compost just about anything that can be composted. We, Diane & I, enjoy touring our clients and prospects through the grounds of the Stump Farm as it provides an escape from the hustle & bustle from the city.

There are many ways you can contribute to the framework of social responsibility beyond that of recycling bottles & cans. As mentioned before, investing in companies that support causes you believe in is now easier than ever and becoming increasingly popular. Whether your values align more with environmental concerns (climate change, sustainability, etc.), social affairs (diversity, human rights, animal welfare, etc.) or corporate governance issues (employee relations, employee compensation), there are different investment strategies to fit your preferences.

The idea that socially responsible investing does not always equate to positive investment returns may have been true in the past, but we are beginning to see a shift in performance. Although historical performance has no bearing on future results, we believe that the overall sentiment that comes from investing in companies that align with your beliefs carries more weight than total financial returns.

If you are interested in learning more about socially responsible investing (SRI), we welcome you to visit at our website and contacting us to discuss your specific interests and situation. Or alternatively, if you would like to swing by and stroll through the Stump Farm, we would be happy to provide a guided tour!

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The Team at White Raven Financial


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Brett Lathrup

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Brett Lathrup

Brett Lathrup is a financial advisor at White Raven Financial. Prior to his transition to financial planning, Brett lived in Atlanta and worked with contractors and architects in the commercial building industry. Spending most of his days looking at building plans and sifting through construction documents taught him how to hyper focus on the details, no matter how small.