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Coloring Away Stress

Thanks to all of you who helped with and attended our wreath making event this year. Wreath building techniques were shared from experienced attendees to novices as bows, ribbons and natural elements were used to make unique arrangements.  Besides making some beautiful wreaths to take home or give as gifts, we made some great wreaths …

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Stock(ing) Gift

Stuck for what to give someone for Christmas this year? It seems we always have someone who’s hard to buy for. Working in the financial industry, of course our ideas occasionally lean in that direction. So what about giving stock as a gift? It seems like a fairly large undertaking though, both monetarily and logistically; …

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Composing Wreaths

Save the date: our annual wreath making party will be taking place on Sunday, December 6th. The newest member of the White Raven Financial team, Kirk Schwarz, will be there. Come along and meet him, if you haven’t already. Whether you’re a newbie to wreath-making, like Kirk, or returning to make your latest masterpiece, we’re …

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Family and Friends

Amidst all of the drama that the Chinese market fluctuations have caused, Tu graduated from his first class of doggy school. He may not look ecstatic in the photo (who would, wearing that silly headband) but we were proud of him. Our official greeter is well on the way to becoming a valuable asset to …

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Save the date! Sunday, December the 7th – Annual wreath making at the Stump Farm. It is with deep regret and sadness that we inform you that our dog, and unofficial White Raven Financial greeter, has passed away. We feel honored to have had Mosby’s love and respect throughout his long and full life – 13 …

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