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Gettin’ Schooled

Gettin Schooled

The total amount of student loan debt is well on its way to approaching the $1.6 trillion mark.  That is trillion with a “T”. The average household with student debt owes $47,671, per a NerdWallet 2018 household debt study1. Those students who pursue professional degree programs are looking at substantially more student loan debt with …

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NASA Milky Way

A very good friend of mine recently shared Dewitt Jones’ TEDx talk, Celebrate What’s Right With This World, with me. She shared that she listens to it a couple times a week because it helps her with her work and to be more compassionate with people in general. In his talk, Dewitt, one of America’s …

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Sag Wagon

You might remember that a few of us rode a portion of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route in 2015. For those riders among us who couldn’t be there for the whole thing, apparently there was beauty in the not-to-be-missed-again southwest portion of Montana. Three years on (and not a minute younger) those high elevation …

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The Sign Said “Slow”

We could see the road construction crew as we neared the sign just before the hill. We knew the speed limit in a road construction zone; our concern was not that we were going too fast but that our slower pace would hold up traffic and construction. I thought to myself . . . Should …

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In our neighborhood and beyond, we see the evidence of gardens being planted this time of year. Garden gloves tossed aside in someone’s haste to move on to the next patch, neat rows of mounded soil where beans and young tomato plants have been started, and lively spots of color popped in the ground in …

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All Things Digital

May Day has just passed. Does anyone still celebrate this holiday by putting flowers on their neighbor’s doorstep, ringing the bell, and running away before they open the door? On the same day that some were celebrating this ancient northern hemisphere spring festival and traditional spring holiday, I attended a Webinar set very much in our …

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Sugar Drips

It’s Maple Syrup season in Wisconsin. Last week, I asked my brother how their production was going this this year. His reply was “only cooked 20 gallons out so far – the nights have been super cold down to 6-10 degrees. It takes three-quarters of the day before it even gets warmed up enough for …

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Passing Over

wildlife overpasses in Singapore and Canada

No, we are not talking about crossing over, seeing the light, or any other euphemism for experiencing death. Quite the opposite actually. We’re talking about animals passing over I-90 on a purpose built overpass. Scheduled to finish in fall 2019, it will allow larger animals, like elk, continue on their way uninjured by traffic, and …

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Top Ten Places to Retire

One way we keep abreast of what’s happening in the Financial Planning world is by subscribing to industry-specific forums. Something must have been in the air because in early January a number of them linked to Forbes’ annual update of the Ten Best Places to Retire Abroad. Ironically, I recently took a vacation – and …

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Quiet Ambition

weeping larch

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal about The Best Architecture of 2017: Buildings of Quiet Ambition. The use of new technology and a focus on creating a better world made each of the designs stand out from the norm. While we’re still hanging out for the day when putting environment and …

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