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What’s the Best Way to Back Up Personal Financial Data?

What would happen if your computer were to suddenly ‘die’ and your data on the computer was no longer accessible? Do you have your personal financial data backed up? If affirmative; is it backed up securely? If affirmative; no need to read any further😊. If you replied “no” to the first question, then ask yourself …

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Digital Upcycling

Hey, we have good news, here at White Raven Financial, we can finally text!! Yes, we know texting has been around forever, but you see we had this impediment called a landline. We also had another obstacle called compliance. A few months ago, we discovered this subscription service that allowed us to send/receive texts through …

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Health(y) Insurance

As the clocks fall back, the afternoons grow darker by the hour, and the weather turns wet & chilly, the desire to hibernate rather than exercise becomes more appealing. Comfort foods, such as chili, lasagna, and casseroles, become, well, comforting. Gyms are closed and school sports are non-existent, but we try to take advantage of …

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Going for the Gold

Going for the Gold

Yeah!! It is that time of the year again. It has rained and now they are ready! Bright orange reflective vests are brought out of storage and a family member or a good friend has phoned for the day and time. A few select people know where you are going, and they swear not to …

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